A History of Innovation

We have a long history of launching startups and running innovation initiatives at global organizations. Get started on transforming your innovation program today! Call, email, or schedule a meeting. We look forward to hearing from you.


About Hypershift

We help large companies and accelerators get results from their innovation programs, with higher reliability, increased capital efficiency, and faster time-to-market. 

Hypershift Systems is redefining the market for innovation management solutions with an all-digital Innovation Performance Management Platform that brings together a systematic process for testing and validating business model innovations at scale, visualization of customer change as input to strategy, and education and coaching to guide employee and partner innovation teams from around the world.  Hypershift’s IPM platform is used by Global 500 organizations around the world. 

Our approach to innovation management has been developed and refined over fifteen years through work at U.C. Berkeley and in private enterprise with the world’s leading organizations. In addition to building the largest corporate innovation ecosystem in the world at BOSCH, with positive reviews by 97% of program participants, our program has run more than 60 of the world’s top innovation and startup accelerators.  


Our team has deep experience launching and scaling a wide range of companies.

Andre Marquis, CEO

Andre is the former Executive Director of the Lester Center for Entrepreneurship, founder of the Innovation Acceleration Group at U.C. Berkeley, and a serial entrepreneur with a track record of startups with initial public offerings and acquisitions. Prior to U.C. Berkeley, Andre co-founded the Chorus Group at Eli Lilly, where he pioneered agile business processes for successful drug development programs running >10x cheaper and 3x faster than the industry average. Andre is now bringing this wealth of expertise to Hypershift’s corporate customers.

Robert Freedman, VP Products & Delivery

Robert is responsible for delivery of Hypershift’s platform and services to customers, and has been a founder and executive in a broad range of technology startups. Most recently, he led the hardware team at Accomplio, delivering agile hardware development for IoT products. Before Accomplio, he led the web/apps team at a fast-growing semiconductor firm, and the product and services teams at Certus, RightWorks and other SaaS startups. Robert has also held leadership roles at Method Design, Ernst & Young and Oracle.

Manav Subodh, General Manager, Asia

Manav advises on the delivery of Hypershift solutions to the fastest growing region for innovation in the world. Most recently, Manav co-founded the 1M1B (A Million for A Billion)  initiative, to activate a million young leaders & entrepreneurs to drive a billion people globally out of poverty. In 2016, Manav led the creation of the first Smart Village, a local job creation accelerator providing last mile-as-a-service, now replicated in thousands of villages as Startup GuruKool. Manav has also worked with Intel, Ernst & Young, Hughes and QAI. At Intel, he was the Global Director for entrepreneurship for more than 30 countries and led mentoring & incubation for Intel’s “Make it Wearable” program.